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The Cyber ​​Education Center was founded by the Rashi Foundation – one of the largest and most influential philanthropic foundations in Israel in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, with the aim of leading social change in Israel.

We believe that by cultivating excellence and imparting knowledge and training in the fields of cyber and technology, it is possible to bring about real change, reduce social gaps and create equal opportunity for the youth of Israel’s tomorrow.

The center works on the development of informal study programs and their implementation in the geographic and social periphery, alongside the implementation of diverse programs and projects nationwide.

The great potential among the young generation in the geographical and social periphery can be realized if we give them the appropriate tools.

The Cyber ​​Education Center has set itself a strategic goal to lead social change through education and imparting abilities, which will allow those boys and girls to grow, contribute to society and become key figures in the high-tech industry, academia and the security bodies of the State of Israel.

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