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The Roobet Cyber ​​Education Center specializes in the development and operation of excellent programs and unique educational projects in the fields of technology, computers and cyber.

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Security Audits

Roobet is a program for educational excellence in cyber and computers, which is designed to give girls of high school age (10-12), a professional and high-quality knowledge base in these fields; To give them an opportunity to be selected for significant technological positions in the IDF and later to allow them to integrate into the high-tech and cyber industries in the State of Israel. To take off a dedicated track for religious girls which gives them an opportunity for national service in technological positions in the various security bodies.

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Vulnerability Prevention

“Magashim AI” is a three-year technological excellence program for high school students (grades 10-12) whose goal is to increase the number of applicants to units dealing with data and artificial intelligence in the IDF. As part of the program, participants learn content developed by content experts from the worlds of data science and programming in Python. The program is operated by a skilled training team and its participants will engage in project development in the field, accompanied by mentors from the industry.

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Security Analysis

“Megashim Cyber” is an excellence program for 10th-12th grade students (a three-year program), which aims to increase the number of those admitted from the geographic and social periphery to the elite technological units of the IDF (Intelligence Corps, ICT and Cyber ​​Defense Division, etc.). As part of the program, the participants learn professional-technological content at a high level, focusing on programming, communication and networks, operating systems and more. During the third year, the trainees in the program develop a final project, under the guidance of a mentor from the high-tech industry.

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Security Solutions & Services

The Cyber ​​Education Center was founded by the Rashi Foundation – one of the largest and most influential philanthropic foundations in Israel in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, with the aim of leading social change in Israel.

We believe that by cultivating excellence and imparting knowledge and training in the fields of cyber and technology, it is possible to bring about real change, reduce social gaps and create equal opportunity for the youth of Israel’s tomorrow.

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What We Offer

The center works on the development of informal study programs and their implementation in the geographic and social periphery, alongside the implementation of diverse programs and projects nationwide.

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Security Analysis

is a leading provider of software services and solutions in the field of IT Security in Israel. We are engaged in the implementation of diverse technological solutions for the security of sensitive organizational information, consulting and preparation for certification for regulatory compliance in diverse projects for clients in Israel and abroad.

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Security Services

Represents in Israel leading Israeli and international technology manufacturers in the world and implements solutions that meet information security needs based on their technology.

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Security Solutions

Roobet provides experts and consultants in the fields of information security and risk management who have a thorough knowledge of information security standards ISO 27001/27799, privacy protection regulations and GDPR.


Our Approach to Security

The information security profession is a fascinating field that provides a stable employment horizon, since every organization strives to protect the information in its possession. Technology is constantly changing and with it the challenge of protecting external attackers and sometimes company employees. This is one of the most challenging and rewarding fields in high-tech.

The changes in the world of communication infrastructures produce a new network with new capabilities, fundamentally changing the way computer communication works. In order to fully utilize the capabilities of the new network, a new type of communication and information security experts is required – experts with a wide set of skills in a variety of technologies.

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